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Your Black Poets Founder

Ayvaunn Penn is a devout Christian dedicated to using her gifts of writing and the performing arts to testify to the glory of God’s greatness both inside and outside of the church. In addition to being the founder of  The Penn Speaks and Your Black Poets, she is also the author of Ephemeral Moments: a book of poetry and short stories exploring issues such as domestic abuse, struggles of faith, and contemporary love from the perspective of a black Christian woman (available on Amazon).

Bearing a BA in English and an MA in Theatre, God has blessed both her writing and theatrical careers greatly by allowing her voice to be heard through well noted publications such as AllChristianNews.com, DFW Child Magazine, Your Black World, Your Black Poets, and YNaija.com. As an award-winning playwright, Miss Penn is an inductee of Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society and a member of the Dramatist Guild of America. She is also the recipient of the Lula Mae Sciro Award of the Year for Theatre Excellence and Arthur W. Stone Playwright of the Year Award. Most recently, she served as assistant director for Golden Globe winner Regina Taylor on her show STOP.RESET. at the Tony Award winning Goodman Theatre. She uses her gifts of writing and the performing arts to testify to the glory of God’s greatness both inside and outside of the church.  Click to follow Ayvaunn on Facebook and Twitter.


 Visit The Penn Speaks to learn more about Miss Penn and.

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