“The Taken” — King David’s Children Brought to Life on Stage

Hello Fam!

I am super excited to announce the premier of my play — The Taken: An Adaptation of II Samuel 13 — in play fest at Columbia University Schapiro Theatre on Friday, August 12, 2016. It is a set of three complimentary 10 minute plays written by yours truly. Together, these pieces are a contemporary adaptation of the Bible story from II Samuel chapter 13 which explores the rape of Tamar by her brother Amnon who is then killed by their brother Absalom. To get a sneak peek, check out the trailer above from one of the final rehearsals. Limited FREE admission seats are available. Click here to reserve. Show times are as follows:

  • Friday August 12th 8PM
  • Saturday August 13th 2PM & 8PM
  • Sunday August 14th 2PM

I chose to bring this narrative to the stage, because the story of King David’s children often falls in the shadows of David sleeping with Bathsheba then killing her husband. Through the play, I focus on how those tragic acts then play themselves out again in David’s home. I bet he never thought that would happen. Never thought the consequences of his actions would affect his kids. That his own sons would literally repeat his mistakes against each other and their sister — his daughter. To learn more about my inspiration for this piece as well as the challenges I’ve faced as a Christian playwright, check out my interview with All Christian News. 

Be sure to come check out the play, and spread the word! I look forward to seeing you there.
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Ayvaunn Penn is currently earning her MFA in Playwriting at Columbia University and is the Playwriting Class of 2018 Dean’s Fellowship recipient. To stay updated on her latest plays, click here to subscribe. Follow Ayvaunn on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.


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One response to ““The Taken” — King David’s Children Brought to Life on Stage

  1. Hello, so proud of you and I pray that all went well for the production.


    Dave Jenkins

    “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” Anthony Robbins: Self-help author and motivational speaker


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