Renewing The Spirit of Your Mind — Life After Salvation Part III

So far we have talked about anger management and putting away a lying tongue when it comes to renewing the spirit of our minds and “putting on the new man” in life after salvation. Today we shall discuss how to handle the devil. This brings us to our key text coming out of Ephesians 4:27 (KJV). The Word of the Lord reads:

27 Neither give place to the devil.

Talk about short and sweet. How do you handle the devil? Don’t give him any space in your life! We already learn from the scriptures that the devil prowls the earth seeking whom he may devour. The last thing we need to do is offer him a welcome mat, and that is what Apostle Paul is expressing here in his letter to the people of Ephesus. Don’t make it easy for the little rascal to creep his way into your space. What does this mean? We can start with avoiding places where we know there is trouble. I don’t care if all of your co-workers are headed to the bar after work. Maybe you shouldn’t go. Don’t listen to music, watch shows, or take in movies that glamorize sin. As we discussed previously, everything about us originates from our minds, and the more we expose ourselves to something, the more we become okay with it — even if God does not think it’s okay. This goes for friends, too. Don’t hang out with people who are always up to no good. No matter what anyone says, they WILL rub off on you. In all honesty, the best way to to combat the devil is to give all the places in your life to the Lord. You’ve already given Him your heart. Give him your mind, eyes, ears, and anything else you deem necessary. A healthy relationship with our Heavenly Father is not worth sacrificing for short-lived pleasures.

Have a blessed day!

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