“But it’s more enjoyable when it’s forbidden.” How To Overcome

Sin always has a way of looking downright irresistible no matter how old or young we are. In the words of one of my high school classmates who was caught red handed by the teacher, “But…candy always tastes so much better when you know you’re not supposed to have it!”  This is what the world will have you thinking not only about candy but about everything in life. The Bible, however, teaches us quite the contrary. Sin never improves a situation, and when we see temptation coming our way, running to greet it with open arms is the last thing we should be doing. This brings us to our key text coming out of Proverbs 22:3 (KJV). The Word of the Lord reads:

3 A prudent man forseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

This scripture informs us that wise people avoid sin and that those who fail to do so reap negative consequences. We all have those moments when we know what we are about to do is wrong, but we do it anyway. How many can testify that it was not worth it in the end? It is not that God does not want us to have any fun or enjoy ourselves in life. He just knows way better than we do what is and is not good for us. He can see repercussions that we cannot see. Hence, if we are smart, we will not only listen to the voice of God when He gives us the heads up that trouble is around but also take action to remove ourselves from the tempting situation.

Have a blessed day!

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Ayvaunn Penn is an award-winning writer and the author of Ephemeral Moments, a book of poetry and short stories from the Christian perspective, available on Amazon.com in the fall of 2013. She is also the founder of Your Black Poets. To receive Ayvaunn’s daily Bible devotionals by email, click here. Click to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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