New Prayer Forum: Share Your Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

The Penn Speaks

Hello Family!

The Lord has placed it on my heart to start a prayer forum whereby people can leave their prayer requests or praise reports on the new “Prayer Requests & Praise Reports” page listed at the very top of the The Penn Speaks: Daily Devotionals blog. This feature is open to all, so feel free to forward this to your friends who may be in need of prayer. The objective is to lift everyone up in prayer who needs it.

How it works: 

  • If you would like for me and The Penn Speaks family to join you in prayer on a certain matter, leave a comment on the “Prayer Requests & Praise Reports” page letting us know what you need prayer on.
  • If you have a praise report you would like to share, please leave a comment as well, so we can all share in your joy and be spiritually encouraged by the testimony Jesus has given you.
  • Lastly but certainly not least, let us not just leave our requests or praise reports and run. May we all take the time to pray for others who have shared the burdens or joys of their hearts.

Have a blessed day!


Ayvaunn Penn is an award-winning writer and the author of Ephemeral Moments, a book of poetry and short stories from the Christian perspective, available on in the fall of 2013. She is also the founder of Your Black Poets. To receive Ayvaunn’s daily Bible devotionals by email, click here. Click to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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