Why You’d Better Pray for Your Neighbor, Too

pray for othersTimes are so bad that the only thing that can keep us in this world is prayer. The Craziness of society aside, today’s culture also largely encourages the “all for myself” mentality. Let us take today, however, to break free of that mindset. As we pray earnestly over ourselves and our loved ones, may we vow to no longer neglect to pray for others. That said, let us take a look at the prayer model presented to us by the apostle Paul in I Corinthians 1:3-7 (KJV):

3 Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God always on your behalf, for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ; That in every thing ye are enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge; Even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you: So that ye come behind in no gift; waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At this point in the scriptures, the apostle Paul is writing the church at Corinth. From Paul’s greeting, we see his selfless disposition which we as believers ought to mirror. In his prayers, he not only thanks the Lord for looking after him and his needs, he also thanks the Lord for grace and provision for believers abroad. The latter is, in essence, a wonderful example on how to truly love one’s neighbor. When we pray for ourselves and our immediate family, we must not be so small minded or self-centered to forget to pray for God’s grace and provision for our neighborhood, city, state, and even the world.

Paul also asks the Lord to enrich the body of believers in all knowledge and communication, so they do not fall behind in any gifts prior to the return of Christ. In modern words, Paul is saying, “God please help Your people to excel in the talents You have placed inside of them, so they can have all the tools they need to help build Your kingdom.” Paul asks this of the Lord because he understands that the gifts God places in each believer are meant to work together in furthering the heavenly kingdom and serving as light in the darkness of this world gone horribly awry. By the example of God’s apostle, we should seek enrichment for ourselves and for believers across the world.

So as you go about your way, remember to not only pray for you and your family but for Christians everywhere. Furthermore, thank the Lord for His grace and provisions for us all as well as for enriching us in all knowledge and communication, so we can excel at using our gifts for His glory.

Have a blessed day!


 As a senior editor for All Christian NewsAyvaunn Penn is an award-winning writer and the author of Ephemeral Moments: a collection of poetry and short stories available soon on Amazon.com. She also does custom poetry and performances for special events. To learn more and contact Ayvaunn, click here  Click to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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