Father Fights To Ban LBGT Lessons In Schools

LGBTAyvaunn Penn, All Christian News

Stan Wasbin, a California father of four children says he does not want the schools of his local Capistrano Unified School District to become “re-education camps” pushing an LGBT agenda. To make his sentiments known, this concerned parent wrote a letter three pages in length to the district officials arguing that the classroom should not be politicized. An excerpt of the letter reads:

“In our public schools, we want our children to learn math, music, science, English, art, American history and a foreign language or two. That’s a lot, and that’s enough. Let’s not further burden our teachers by forcing them to teach LGBT material, a subject that so readily lends itself to propaganda and which can engender sexual confusion.”

Upon reception and review of Wasbin’s letter, the school board agreed to grant his request to speak to the board. The latter is taking place today. It is believed that Wasbin’s letter and request are the result of a recent California law that was signed into action last year by Governor Jerry Brown. The new law requires that all schools in the state of California include historical achievements of  homosexuals in the curriculum. To make his stance explicitly clear, Wasbin also included in his letter that it is not the teaching of significant historical accomplishments that he takes issues with. It is informing students of accomplishments with — what he perceives to be — the purpose or endorsing the homosexual agenda. More specifically he states, “If someone has made an important contribution – and that person happens to be classified as LGBT – then by all means, let’s teach our children about that person – but not because of that person’s sexual identity group.”


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One response to “Father Fights To Ban LBGT Lessons In Schools


    It would have help, if the contact info had been posted for Crystal Dixon and Stan Wasbin in order for the TORAH/BIBLE to speak. On Yahweh_GOD_is Salvation Plan First Institution of Marriage. The mistakes the Christian makes and continue to make regarding this subject are Tenfold:

    (1) The Institution of a TORAH/BIBLICAL marriage for them is different from, that of a Civil State marriage;
    (2) Christians much wash all LBGT terms out of their mouth’s and only refer to this Roman 1:1-32, “life-style of choice” as the sins of Sodom/Gomorrah: a SODOMITE whether male or female;
    (3) We must not allow them to break their own: “Federal Law of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” AND Christians must-not allow, them to set their own acceptable terms, in defining this subject in order to restrict The TORAH/BIBLICAL Statutes?
    (4) Christian must not allow The Congress to make this Republic A New Religion, which we will bow down and serve.
    (5) Christians will lose in every Court when they seek to rely for a defense against that, which Yahweh_GOD_ acknowledge, allows, but cannot and will never accept for his created Adam the man-husband and Eve the woman-his-wife for a marriage.
    (6) What is a woman? A woman is the only female created with 23 chromosomes, which could replicate a Living Physical Begin in the Image and likeness of Yahweh_GOD_: with a body, soul and spirit,
    (7) A man is the first created Begin with the other 23 chromosomes, which Yahweh_GOD_ is Salvation Plan. Who received the Breath of GOD_Life; to make up the 46 chromosomes, which was required to “produce after its-kind.”
    (8) Our only soul defense as Christians, must be redress under, “The Establishment Clause.” Congress or no other branches of governments, states nor persons: shall make any religion to replace our FAITH IN THE TORAH/BIBLE Institution of marriage.,
    (9) The grounds for our Defense must be to “interrupt and stop all Federal Funds”, which all Institutions are currently receiving in violation of The Establishment Clause, Title VI, Executive Order 12250, (EO-12250) and U.S.C. 42 RLUIPA ACT 2000.


    (10) This State of California Law will be challenged, in order for Christians to either be excused from the classroom and Equal Education funding will be allocated for Christian teaching: In order, that their Faith will not be altered at this early formative developing-age as prescribe by LBGT legislation.

    The subject of a TORAH/BIBLE marriage is a subject, between the TORAH/BIBLE and those who accept its Statutes, not the LBGT Non-Believers and any Court.

    It star here, now with Ambassador Charles Linder Floyd, Ayvaunn Penn, Crystal Dixon/-University of Toledo, Stan Wasbin Capistrano USD and the whole Bride Body Wife of Yahshua_Jesus Christ: speaking with one VOICE.
    Please join me in my FRIEND OF THE COURT LETTER TO THE US SUPREME COURT IN THE CASE OF SAME SEX MARRIAGE: to be argued in March 2013 before the United States Supreme Court.

    Ambassador Charles Linder Floyd
    14642 Tonikan Road
    Apple Valley, CA 92307-4041

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