Criminal Flash Mobs and Bus Shootings in Philly, Oh My!

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Just imagine walking down the street, and everything looks normal. All of a sudden the group of people around you begin to beat you and then run off with your possessions. This is exactly what has been going on in Philadelphia recently — and more. reports, “A spate of shocking and high-profile crime sprees, including two men who shot randomly into a metro bus and series of flash mob beatdowns in City Center, had National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) conventioneers and tourists on edge.”

The annual NABJ conference was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center this year — right in front of where the criminal mobs have been wreaking havoc. This put attendees in a heightened sense of awareness — not just conference attendees but tourists in general.

One of the most noted incidents in conjunction with the youth crime streak involves two young men by the name of Keron Patterson and Raheen Patterson opening fire on a public bus. Their sister, Penny Chapman, was getting off of the the bus when she pointed inside to Lafenus Pickett and told her brothers to “shoot that n—–.” Apparently, she did not like the fact that Pickett told her about using corporal punishment on her child. The brothers then opened fire on the bus. No one was injured. Keron is 19, Raheen is 20, and their sister is 20 as well.

Whereas the latter is a shocking incident, the flash mobs represent the greatest predicament for Mayor Nutter. The youth crime streak has gotten so bad that the mayor has had to take action to specifically target the mischievous teens and young adults involved in these large scale crimes. In a flash mob outbreak that took place two weeks ago, four teens out of the 20 to 40 involved were charged for criminal activity — including an 11-year-old. reports, “Downtown resembled a fortress as Nutter ordered a battalion of police officers to stand on select street corners downtown, some five and six deep, as a line of defense against flash mobs. Nutter warned that in the future, not only will the young people face charges, but their parents will as well.” On August 8th, he addressed a gathering at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia saying, “Parents, get your act together.” Apparently Nutter believes that some of the teen crime can be reduced if parents increase their involvement in their children’s lives.

Ayvaunn Penn is the founder of Your Black Poets and an award winning writer completing her degree in English and philosophy. To inquire about her freelance editing services, click here. To like Ayvaunn on Facebook, click here.


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