D.C. Sniper Petitions for Name Change

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Lee Boyd Malvo, 26, wants to change his name because he believes the reputation associated with it puts him in notably greater danger in prison. Malvo, in partnership with John Allen Muhammad,  was a Washington D.C. serial killer who was convicted of taking the lives of ten people. He has been serving time for the past seven years in a western Virginia prison. He began his shooting tirades at the tender age of 17.

With that kind of record following him around, Malvo filed a petition to change his name. The court papers read, “The petitioner maintains that his concern for his safety arises from his belief that the notoriety of his crimes places him at increased risk of assault by other inmates.” Judge Tammy McElyea did not think that was the case at all. She made the point that, to date, he had not been harmed or threatened during the seven years he had been in prison and called his claims “speculative.” Hence, she denied his request to change his name to Joseph Lee Ostierre adding that inmates, at this point, already know what he was convicted for.

Ayvaunn Penn is the founder of Your Black Poets and an award winning writer completing her degree in English and philosophy. To inquire about her freelance editing services, click here. To like Ayvaunn on Facebook, click here.


One response to “D.C. Sniper Petitions for Name Change

  1. Nobody really has any sympathy for this man because of all the harm he caused to those families that were shot…What ashame,..I hope that more mercy is shown to him behind bars than he showed his victims. I will pray for him.

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