Malcolm X’s Daughter Serving Time for Swindling the Elderly

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

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It is probably safe to say that Malikah Shabazz is not upholding the image of her father, Malcolm X. At the age of 46, X’s youngest daughter has been sentenced to 5 years of probation for stealing $55,000 from an elderly woman by charging on credit cards in the woman’s name.  Shabazz is required by the courts to pay off the debt in full. If she fails to do so, she could get up to 7 years behind bars. reports:

“Queens District Attorney Richard Brown accused Shabazz of ‘preying upon the trusting nature’ of Khaula Bakr, a family friend and widow of one of the slain civil rights leader’s bodyguards. Prosecutors say she opened credit card accounts in Bakr’s name. Bakr, 70, discovered the theft when she got a letter from her bank demanding nearly $30,000 in payments for an overdue account. Shabazz was arrested in March after social service workers went to her rural North Carolina home to investigate a complaint that her 13-year-old daughter wasn’t attending school.”

According to reports, Shabazz’s family members did not attend this latest court hearing. They did however come out to support her at her Queens Supreme Court hearing in March when she first faced felony charges. reports that “Shabazz pleaded guilty to first-degree identity theft last month…[and that] Shabazz declined to comment on the sentence afterward, except to note ‘I haven’t been in New York City since 1999.'”

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