Wesley Snipes: “I Was Not Convicted of Tax Evasion”

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

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Recently the renowned Wesley Snipes decided to iron the wrinkles out of his image. It is probably debatable how effective it was, but you figure that our for yourself.

In an interview on the Ronald S. Martin show, Wesley explicitly states, “Not only was I not convicted with tax evasion, I was not charged with tax evasion, and I was never charged with not paying taxes.” He proceeds to say, “I was actually charged with conspiracy to defraud and failing to file. I think there was another charge that slips my mind at the moment.” To these statements, Martin understandably asked, “Isn’t failing to file and not paying the same thing?” Snipes responded saying that the two are wholly different, because failing to file is a misdemeanor, and tax evasion is a federal offense.

Snipes does confirm however that he was charged with three counts of willful failing to file taxes for three years. He adds that he was actually charged with a total of six misdemeanors of willful failing to file but was acquitted for three of the six years. When asked what he thinks he did wrong, Snipes laughed and replied, “Well there’s a lot of theories on that. I think my mistake was choosing the wrong tax advisers.” Martin asked Snipes what his tax advisers told him, and Snipes replied, “They told me sign right here. Don’t worry about it. Go make your movies.” The talk show host pointed out that the government still holds individuals accountable for their taxes despite any tax accountants they may enlist and said that often statements are mailed to the home of individuals. Snipes simply stated that that is not always the case. He never acknowledged whether any tax statements arrived at his home.

NewsOne reports, “Snipes has been ordered to report to McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Lewis Run, Pennsylvania, Thursday to begin serving a three-year sentence for failing to file tax returns.”


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