Atlanta Public School Cheating Scandal: Ex-Superintendent Speaks

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Nathan Deal, governor of Gorgia, announced the day after the July 4th holiday that the Atlanta public school system had been caught cheating on state standardized tests. Under the 1999 – 2011 reign of the former Atlanta superintendent of public schools, Beverly Hall, the struggling school district made notable improvements. Interestingly enough according to records, the cheating started as early as 2001.  It appears suspiciously convenient that Hall managed to retire and take off on a Hawaiian vacation just prior to the announcement of the cheating scandal, but now she speaks.  The Grio reports:

“Beverly Hall, former Atlanta superintendent of public schools, denies she knew about any cheating problems in her schools. Hall was at a posh Maui resort where she and her husband have been on vacation for two weeks, 4,000 miles away, but still within earshot of the national scandal that has dominated headlines back home.

Hall did not answer most questions under the advice of her attorney, but the meeting constitutes the first time hall answered any questions about the scandal that has embroiled her former school system.”

Hall concluded her statements saying, “Well as you know I’m on a planned trip and at this time I have no further comment. I issued a statement that was printed in the (Atlanta Journal-Constitution), and at this time have absolutely no further comment… I absolutely knew nothing about cheating.” Despite claims that she knew nothing of the cheating, reports say that she created an atmosphere of fear that pressured faculty and administrators into keeping their mouths shut about the manipulation of the annual student-performance assessment called the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test.  There were even reports that Hall reprimanded people who spoke out about the conspiracy.

To read the initial report detailing findings of investigation, click here.

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