13-Year-Old Prodigy Rescinded from UConn Could be Accepted Again

From NewsOne

Two weeks ago, the University of Connecticut rescinded the acceptance of 13-year-old Autum Ashante, declaring her not “academically ready”— although she has an IQ test score of 149.

Autum’s father, Batin Ashante, was reportedly enraged by the university’s decision, calling it “B.S.” He told reporters that his daughter was “devastated.”

However, the Ashante’s weren’t the only ones outraged by such news.

Josephine Minnow, a University of Connecticut alumna, discovered Autum’s story and immediately responded.

“I love my Alma Mater, but I became outraged that they would deny such talent,” Minnow said.

Minnow’s outrage led her to start a petition to overturn the university’s decision.

The electronic petition was engineered after Minnow spoke with officials at UConn’s African-American Cultural and Alumni Centers. She said she wants to eventually approach the institution’s admissions office, but would like to have a strong number of signatures to make her plea.

“There are just as many people outraged as I am,” she said.

Emails from Minnow have been sent to UConn officials, however, no response has been returned.

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