Airline’s Saggy Pants Charges Don’t Fly After All

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Deshon Marman, the University of New Mexico football star who was arrested for sagging pants and refusing to exit a U.S. Airways plane, will not have charges brought against him. Yesterday, prosecutors announced that they will not be filing charges against Marman. The Associated Press reports, “The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the June 15 arrest of Deshon Marman and determined criminal charges were not warranted.” Steve Wagstaffe, the district attorney, says “My belief is if we took this into a courtroom with 12 members of our community on our jury, they would tell me, `Come on guys, you have more important things to spend your time on,’ and I share that view.”

According to reports from the Associated Press, “the incident sparked allegations of racial profiling after a photo surfaced of a man who flew aboard a US Airways flight wearing skimpy women’s panties and mid-thigh stockings days before Marman’s arrest. That man was white. Marman is African-American.”

On Tuesday, a crowd of people congregated at San Francisco City Hall to support Marman. Malia Cohen, the San Francisco Supervisor, shared with the gathered Marman-supporters that she intended to present a resolution to San Mateo County prosecutors proposing the dismissal of the case and a formal apology from U.S. Airways.

Joseph O’Sullivan, Marman’s attorney, said, “I think the (district attorney) realized the real villain in this case was U.S. Airways, not Deshon Marman.” U.S. Airways continues to claim that Marman was exposing a body part, but Wagstaffe’s investigation has not found any evidence to support that claim. The airline also made a statement saying that the football player was not escorted off of the plane because of his attire but because of his refusal to comply with staff requests. The Associated Press reports O’Sullivan as stating that “Marman plans to file a lawsuit against US Airways alleging he was the victim of racial profiling.”

Ayvaunn Penn is a spoken word artist and an award winning writer completing her degree in English and philosophy. For more of her witty-word works click here. To have your original poetry featured by Ms. Penn on Your Black Poets, click here.


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