Venus and Serena Williams’ Father Comments Wimbledon Loss: “There’s a time when they were sick and hurting. That wasn’t the problem…”

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

It appears that Richard Williams, father and coach of Serena and Venus Williams, took his daughters’ losses at Wimbledon quite hard. Never had his girls been eliminated on the same day at Wimbledon let alone so early in the competition. He stated, “There’s a time when they were sick and hurting. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was technique. They have to decide whether they’re really ready to play every ball or whether they’re going to be out there reaching for it.”

As stated earlier by Serena, she did not expect to win anything. She was just glad to win something after suffering so much illness in the past year. Things had been tough for the whole Williams family, so when Serena and Venus arrived at Wimbledon it was initially just looked at as a joyous occasion — not so much as hard competition. When the sisters came out the gate winning, however, their father no longer saw their presence at Wimbledon in terms of “just being grateful to be there.” He began to see the competition as actually winnable for his girls — hence his seemingly tough comments against his daughters who have endured so much as of late.

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9 responses to “Venus and Serena Williams’ Father Comments Wimbledon Loss: “There’s a time when they were sick and hurting. That wasn’t the problem…”

  1. Although I understand the very competitive outlook of Richard Williams. I believe his comments should remain in private!

  2. A father’s push is sometimes necessary. I believe his daughters know that he loves them. Hopefully his words will serve as motivation.

  3. When a father has the dual role of fathering and coaching their offspring there is an expectation that is a built-in that serves as a teacher and motivator. A father/coach knows when his daughter/athlete is competing or not. He has the right to question a lack of effort or technique that he identifies. Being competitors the Williams sisters fully understand the point Mr. Williams was making because they are so compititively driven.

  4. CB

    Serena and Venus are great athletes who have done wonderful things for African American History which makes me proud. They use their finances well to invest in additional corporations and own their companies. We are not talking about young ladies who are stupid who are daddy’s little girls any more. Some times you win and some times you loose. You must keep on moving along. I am proud of Serena and Venus and all of their family who have made great accomplishments during this decade.

  5. …..and they are nice young intelligent women also. I really admire and respect them. You don;t read about them whoring about all over the world either. I bet dad had alot to do with that!!!!!

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