Afro-Chinese Love: Chinese View on the Trend

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Yes, you read correctly, and it really is happening. A growing number of Chinese men are taking black wives. Many people of the past thought they would never see the day whites would marry blacks. People certainly never thought the day could be conceived that a Chinese man would marry a black woman.  Whereas some women in the African-American community may find this to be exciting news, it appears the greater Chinese community is not so thrilled.

Damien Ma, China analyst and writer for The Atlantic, speaks on the topic equally hot between America and China. He reports that claims made by ChinaSmack blog say that Chinese migrant workers marrying African locals could be the solution to Chinese men finding love. Some stats read that there are 110 men for every 100 women in China. Whereas this ratio does leave many Chinese men single, Ma feels that ChinaSmack’s claim is absolutely ridiculous. He also sheds light on how the greater Chinese population views this new phenomenon by sharing an explosive excerpt from ChinaSmack’s article translated from Chinese:

“Chinese women marrying blacks is no longer something rare, whereas in comparison men very rarely dare to bring black girls back home to China…

In my neighborhood is a Chinese engineer who returned from Angola, and his wife is a black girl. However, she’s one of those very pretty high-end black girls. She’s very slender and not one of those fat auntie types. Her skin also isn’t the kind of oily/greasy black but rather black-brownish and more brown. They have two children, about five or six years old, twin boys.

As for their appearance, unfortunately, the father’s genes were really too strong. Aside from their skin being slightly darker, their faces look very much like their daddy.

Large-scale marrying of African women can effectively solve China’s male-female sex-ratio imbalance problem!”

Ma states that “not only is the policy prescription of relying on interracial marriages to solve China’s complex gender imbalances as preposterous as the ‘babe tax,’ the racial comments (made by ChinaSmack) are fairly typical of the impolitic language used in China. It’s pretty blase by Chinese standards, but certainly would be considered offensive in the West.”

Based on this information, is does not look like Chinese men marrying black women will be progressive in social change. Perhaps it is better to say that this new trend of interracial marriages will not be socially accepted for an extremely long time.  In the mean time, check out these photos of Chinese men with their black wives and the — let’s say — interesting captions. These photos are courtesy of The Atlantic Post.

“The son of a wealthy Sichuan Chinese businessman who married last year’s Miss Kenya!!! Strongly recommend!!!”

“This is a Chinese man and African woman’s child. I’ve always wondered, is this child i considered Chinese or not? Very confusing!!!”

“A Shandong migrant worker who married a wife in Africa and gave birth to a daughter. His African wife passing away from illness when the daughter was two-years-old and he raises his daughter alone planting vegetables in the suburbs of Nairobi being bother father and mother to her. Not easy! What a great Shandong man! A great Chinese man!”

“This is a photo of a young Fujian guy with his African wife in Congo. They run a restaurant there to make a living, I’ve eaten there once, it wasn’t bad. The young couple are able to communicate in Chinese.”

Ayvaunn Penn is a spoken word artist and an award winning writer completing her degree in English and philosophy. For more of her witty-word works click here. To have your original poetry featured by Ms. Penn on Your Black Poets, click here.


2 responses to “Afro-Chinese Love: Chinese View on the Trend

  1. It’s not a recent trend, it’s been going on for years. The public just chooses to acknowledge Asian/White couples over Asian/Black. They’re human beings before they’re “African” or “Chinese” and they can love who they want.

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