Not Working with a Black Company Now Has Official Business Term

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

There is actually a business term for companies refusing to associate, acknowledge, or do business with a black organization. Indeed, the day has arrived, and it is woefully mournful. Practically everyday there has been some new article on the plight of  the black man lagging behind in education and suffering greater losses than other races in unemployment. Well, now the black community has something new to add to that list: the official business term, “No Urban Dictate.”

This new anti-black-business term was one of the topics at hand at the recent 4oth Annual Rainbow PUSH Convention. If you will recall, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition was founded in December 1996 by Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., and part of their goal is to motivate blacks and all people to be successful.  One of the men on the panel of this year’s convention was Sherman Kizart, managing director of Kizart Media Partners, and he gave the testimony of his raw first-hand encounter with this term. The Huffington Post reported:

“In 2009, panelist Sherman Kizart, managing director of Kizart Media Partners, received an explosive e-mail from the advertising agency for BMW/Mini Cooper. ‘In the body of that email was the directive of how this automotive [company] would spend its media dollars. At the bottom of the email was in clear bold writing: No African American, No Urban to be Included.’ Armed with the e-mail, Kizart renegotiated with BMW/Mini Cooper’s reps, and that resulted in a whopping 49 percent increase in Black and/or urban advertising buys, up from the previous year.

The battle is far from over, Kizart cautioned. ‘Discriminatory practices, as it relates to our (black) media companies are so common and so prevalent there’s a term for it — It’s called a No Urban Dictate when they don’t do business with us (African Americans).'”

Of course Kizart’s account is only one of many across the nation. It was discussed at the convention about America’s corporations and organizations refusing to acknowledge black affiliation claiming that it is “unnecessary” since the U.S. is color blind — they would like to think. It was also pointed out, however, that such claims are false because those very companies making such claims have motives driven by racial conscious. Ultimately, it is just sad — period — that black business and black affiliation is turned down so often that the act has earned an official business term: No Urban Dictate.

Ayvaunn Penn is a spoken word artist and an award winning writer completing her degree in English and philosophy. For more of her witty-word works click here. To have your original poetry featured by Ms. Penn on Your Black Poets, click here.


5 responses to “Not Working with a Black Company Now Has Official Business Term

  1. Well then, we need to STOP giving these companies our dollars! We also need to focus more on supporting black businesses!

    • My sentiments exactly! Stop spending so much time on how the white man treats us and start supporting Black businesses. Whitey is terrified you just might wake up and smell the roses!

      This is also the same reason why our young people should stop going into the service!
      Why should they fight a country where many have the same skin color we do!! None of the
      politicians care about the people! And you can bet their sons and daughters aren’t fighting for this country! All they want is to be elected. That’s where the power is!

      The white man knows more about us than many of you do. They study us, and have more books in their library about us than we do! We are the most powerful race on the planet!
      Whitey knows that!! When are you going to wake up and start thinking for yourselves instead of going to church and listening to some man who screams and yells at you!
      Pastor Long is a good example as to how low-down some preachers are. And many of his
      congregation continues to support him, after learning he sexually molested young boys! What’s wrong with this picture?
      After spending all your time in these churches, you continue to be broke! Does your minister provide educational classes on economics, or classes for the youth who attend?

      Are any of you familiar with the word ‘metaphysical’? Look it up in the dictionary.
      Do you know your body tells you everything you need to know about your health? Your eyes
      tell you everything you need to know about your organs! It’s called ‘iridology’. Your hands and feet do the same. There are charts you can purchase on-line or from a Wholistic health food store. Doctors are not your friend! They are business people! Every drug you take has side affects….so why are you taking them? Wake Up People!
      I’ve been in Wholistic Health for 25 years. I know the games being played….it’s called
      SELLING SICKNESS!! I hope you will buy the book “Medical Apartheid” by Harriet A. Washington. A beautiful Black lady who relates how our race was used for experiments from
      Colonial Times to the Present! I hope you purchase the book.

  2. I think we need to lose our domestic comfort zones, and look around the rest of the world
    for businesses that can use our expertise to increase their bottom line that is the best
    answer for american corperation.

  3. It is so sad that American Business as a whole chooses to ignore the $658+ billion that we as a society contribute to the GDP and simplifies their decisions with one statement: “No Urban Dictate”. That which is much more of an avoirdupois to carry it the large number of the Black populous that don’t recognize or accept that this exists.

  4. We (blacks) as a people need to become tougher customers—period!!! Not all businesses (black, white,asian,etc.) are ideal to buy from or support with our dollars. For example, foul hip hop music & vidoes, asian hair products for black women (waves,wigs,etc.), banks who do not give up loans,etc. Car companies,ad agencies that do not include blacks,but have their commericals in english & spanish. And they advertise on latin tv channels (magazines),etc. Note: with the car Toyota,they did not feel a need to court us for our dollars,we like whoes giving our money to them & others. JC.

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