Anderson Cooper Confronts Obama on Gay Marriage Views

From NewsOne 

Anderson Cooper called out President Obama on his Tuesday show for flip-flopping his stance on same-sex marriage.

During his “Keeping Them Honest” segment, Cooper said “New questions are being raised about what the president actually believes about gay marriage and whether his public opposition to it is real or just political posturing.”

He then narrated Obama’s position on gay marriage; initially supporting it in a written statement back in 1996, to opposing it when he began running for national office.

Cooper said, “Hard to see how the president’s position has changed so much. The only thing that has changed is his need for a wider audience to vote for him.”

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One response to “Anderson Cooper Confronts Obama on Gay Marriage Views

  1. I do feel that for many of us it is extremely difficult to say the word marriage in a gay relationship;it probably could be öld school thinking or something else. As a profoundly supportive Bisexual male, I find it tough to say marriage when we talk about gay lawful unions. I think we “old schoolers” see our Mom and Dad
    as male and female; not gay or Bisexual! I do believe many many people have this same problem. I do hope that my gay peers including the always learned and affable Mr. Anderson Cooper should lay off my President about the President’s position. Mr. Obams does not have to be pro-gay marriage to stll be the closest we will come to the most sensitive Pro. Gay President in American history; in this area he has no peer at all, hands down. And yes even with Obama’s quirks and missteps I plan to vote for him in 2012. I whole heartedly believe any gay or Bisexual person who wants a lawful wedded union should be allowed to legally have one in any state or province in the union; these persons should be allowed to exercise all the rights(bar none) and provileges appertaining to thereof. In closing, America remains the greates country ever. And yes I also remain a proud Black American always.

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