Father’s Day Cards for Black Moms by Hallmark

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

According to sales reports, black folks are not opposed to Hallmark’s Mahogany line of greeting cards especially made for African Americans. The ethnic designs have been something of a hit — enough to keep the line on the market.  When it comes to their Father’s Day and Mother’s Day lines, however, reports say that people are having mixed feelings. “Happy Father’s Day, Mom” cards largely secluded to the Mahogany line are rubbing some people like Tonya Bryant the wrong way. Whereas Bryant has an appreciation for the cards because she gave both of her divorced parents Father’s Day greetings when she was growing up, it bothers her that Hallmark makes these cards primarily for the Mahogany line. Specifically, Bryant states:

“I don’t think that it’s appropriate for Hallmark to sell all of these cards under their Mahogany line because they are, in essence, saying that only black people live in single parent homes, which is the furthest thing from the truth….They are cheapening the great idea of celebrating single moms on Father’s Day by offering these products to mostly African-Americans. In this day and age, there are people from all walks of life that don’t have fathers in the homes, and I think that they should reconsider their marketing strategies and just offer them to people of all colors.”

In response to consumers like Bryant, Kristi Ernsting — a Hallmark spokesperson — says that cards like this are created due to consumer demand and are meant to celebrate single parents of all races. Ernsting states, “[Hallmark} also released one card that was specifically addressed to all mothers in our general Hallmark line. It is our goal to create cards for the wide range of people’s relationships so that everyone who seeks to connect in a positive way with others can find a card that will meet their needs.”

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13 responses to “Father’s Day Cards for Black Moms by Hallmark

  1. Fathers are Fathers and Mothers are Mothers period. They are both irreplaceable. As much as anyone tries to fill the void of either missing parent they will always come up short no matter how minute. Yes single parents do all they can and that is great. As a single Mother I did all I could I am still not a Dad,Father Man. Yes I find this card offensive for a number of reasons:
    1. It was directed only to the African American Community.
    2. It gives the impression that single family homes are only part of the African American race which is absolutely
    3. To perpetuate a disparity which is universal to only one race of people is an outright lie.
    4. To profit from that lie is business but poor business to say the least.
    5. Websters definition of racism : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and
    that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.
    Websters definition of prejudice : preconceived judgment or opinion.
    6. Purely this all about profit with little regard for need. We don’t need to glorify single family homes children need
    both parents we have a day of recognition for both lets leave it that way.

  2. I feel this is more of a visionary. The reason why is because, a few years back, I recalled listening to a black woman talk show host say that on Mother’s Day ALMOST all the cards are gone and on Father’s Day you have cards that are still sitting on the shelves in the stores in many black neighborhoods. I took a look at various stores in my neighboorhood during the Father’s Day season and saw this was in indeed true. Plus, since it has been stated time and time again that nearly 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, I think a card that honors mothers on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is a great idea. Of course, we know that out of wedlock births and single parenthood does occur in other groups as well, but certainly when you have the traditional Father’s Day cards still sitting on the shelves in our neighborhoods, they need to be replaced with something, right? Something that will sell. So, the bottom line is finding a need and filling it….this way Hallmark can make money instead of wasting ink and paper on something that will just sit there on the shelf and collect dust.

  3. Well this just cheapens Father’s Day for the ones who really ARE there for their kids. They aren’t the minority… but even for people with great dads… NO ONE buys them Father’s Day cards b/c Father’s Day itself is seen as a joke. Look at Mother’s Day… it’s heralded as such a big deal… with promotions WEEKS in advance. Father’s Day is an afterthought that’s basically advertised ONE week in advance. This sickens me.

  4. Although there are plenty of single mothers with varying degrees of success, a mother is a mother and a father is a father. I find the idea of this card ridiculous!!! If you’re a single mother and you are doing your best for your children, then take your pride and joy from that. On a deeper level this is just another way to strip “Black Women” of their femininity…! It’s a complete misconception that in order to be strong you have to be masculine. This is the last thing we need to see..!!!

  5. I don’t understand why there is an outrage over the cards, but not an outrage over the market. What does it say about Black people that the “fatherless child” rate is so high that some monolithic corporation that doesn’t care about Black people except when there’s an opportunity to make money – stands up and notices this?

    Instead of being mad at the corporation, shouldn’t we be mad at ourselves for not addressing this problem which has been at least 30 years in the making? When are we going to stand up and demand accountability from one another instead of blaming somebody else for pointing out that we didn’t? If we, as a people, insist on responsibility then the card won’t matter because there won’t be enough fatherless kids to buy it. Destroy the market for the card and it will no longer exist.

    • Thank you for this! Why get mad at a corporation that has noticed the obvious. We as Black people try so hard to keep the status quo even if it is to our detriment. Please ask what are we doing as a people to curtail the rise in single mothers? Why are there single mothers? There are some young ladies that purposely out and get pregnant looking for love think having dependent will make them a better person. Becoming a better person comes from with in your heart and soul not your uterus.

  6. . . . I’m sure that the person who came up with the idea of lynching Black Folks was a visionary, too. But I’m sure those at the end of the rope didn’t think so. The fault isn’t with Hallmark, like the slave owners they’re simply trying to make money and in this day and age can you blame them? Since there is a constant action taking place (discord in the Black Community), they’re simply capitalizing on it. In the movie Hoodlum the undertaker told crime gangster, “Bumpy” Johnson “You’ve brought business back to the community”. Bumpy Johnson’s violent efforts to control the numbers game created mayhem and death in the Harlem Community. Perhaps, if we work diligently to work through, and hopefully heal our relationship differences there wouldn’t be a situation for others to profit from. Just my opinion.

  7. We do sooooooo much to cover up our hurts,we even turn women to men & vice versa(in our MINDS)

  8. This is just another systematic attack on the black male and the black female. Women cannot be fathers. This is irresponsible because all aspects are not being explained here. First of all, this statistic of 70% of black children born into single parent homes can mean several things. 1. It doesn’t mean that the fathers who are not in the home are not taking care of their responsibilities of raising that/those child/children. 2. The single home could be a result of a divorce. 3. The single home could be a result of incarceration. 4. The single home could be a result of the mother not wanting to get married. There are several reasons for this. This gives the impression that black fathers are all dead-beat. What is not talked about as well is the 16% of single fathers handling their business with their children. What about the men who take on the responsibility of raising other men’s children? Do they get a card? This is another stealth attack on the minds of all people to paint the black man and the black woman as more of a burden to society rather than a blessing to society. Hallmark should be ashamed of themselves making money off this false nonsense. Mothers can’t be fathers. I have a hundred more points to make but I just don’t have enough time or space.

    • If 70% of Black children are being born in to single mothers than that means the single mothers have a faulty selection process of picking a mate or they really need help!

  9. I agree with “k.” it is a fact that the majority children in the community are being raised by women–mothers and grandmothers–many of whom have never been married. The welfare system has created generations of families whose fathers are absent, or fathers who “stay” with their families, but dont LIVE with them.

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