Sagging Pants Equal No Plane Flight

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

A song was made about it. You can’t board a bus if you have it, and now you can’t fly with it. “It” would be sagging pants. Deshon Marman was at San Fransico International Airport on Thursday boarding a plane headed for Albuquerque when he was addressed by a U.S. Airways employee about his sagging pants. The employee asked the twenty-year-old to pull up his pants, but he refused according to Sgt. Michael Rodriguez — an officer for the San Francisco Police Department. Marman was then asked to get off of the plane. This, he also refused to do, and he was arrested as a result.

According to the Associated Press, Sgt. Rodriguez says the young football player for University of New Mexico “was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, battery of a police officer, and obstruction of a police investigation.” In the mean time, Marman is being held in prison at San Mateo County Jail until prosecutors figure out whether or not to file charges. Valerie Wunder, a US Airways spokesperson, says that the airline does not permit indecent exposure or inappropriate clothing.

Despite it all, the Associate Press also reports that the “University of New Mexico football coach, Mike Locksley, said the school is aware of Marman’s arrest and plans to support him.”

Ayvaunn Penn is a spoken word artist and an award winning writer completing her degree in English and philosophy. For more of her witty-word works click here. To have your original poetry featured by Ms. Penn on Your Black Poets, click here.


29 responses to “Sagging Pants Equal No Plane Flight

  1. He should have been arrested for non-compliance. This photo is a disgrace to the African American community.

    The Governor of Florida has issued to all public schools the right to take action on students for wearing their pants on the ground. Student handbooks also states that pants should be clean and secured at the waist.

    I can’t believe the Mom’s defense in saying that her son was upset because he just left his best friend’s funeral. Perhaps she did not teach him to be obedient to authority. Now this young man (boy) risks the chance of losing his scholarship.

  2. I find it profoundly Un-American to assail our youth in this fashion. This fad belongs to our youth. Just like young ladies in mini-skirts and fellas in tight tight high water jeans belonged to another generation. NO matter how long this fad lasts; does it rise to the level of a criminal offense? I say hell no! I don’t want to say that this has a racist undertone; however I do wonder! Sagging has become less and less popularr in recent years, by the way. I agree sometimes this half dressed behavior is thought provoking but I would never think that a young college basket-ball star’s sagging should provokce such an up-roarious crcus. We adults should grow up too! People let’s cure some diseases, let’s right some wrongs. Let’s heal some of the morbid ills of the world from Washington D.C. to Syria, to Afghanistan to outrageous US gasoline prices. I am sure when we really look at what needs to be done in this big big world arresting young men on US Air Liners is not something we really need to be doing! Signed, a proud Black American.

    • He would not have been arrested if he would have pulled up his pants. I personally do not support sagging and I do not want to see a man’s underwear. Not sure if an arrest was appropriate but putting him off the plane for not adhering to their dress code policy, seems appropriate.

      • Dawn,

        I couldn’t have agreed with you more! This is absolutely horrendous behavior that is long past the “fad” moniker. This is a lifestyle that has permeated just about all echelons of our culture. I recently visited a church and was appalled by the number of young men present with sagging pants with chain accessories, etc. Some of the young women were dressed in tight and/or revealing attire – more dance hall than church hall. I even heard profanity and inappropriate conversation. Some of the younger children were allowed to behave like hooligans!!

        There is absolutely no excuse for indecency to become the norm and not the exception in our society. There is a culture of disrespect and nihilism that, if allowed to continue unchecked, will reap inveterate repercussions that will take more than policies or statutes to eradicate.

        Take Care

    • The point is RESPECT ppl and PUL up your pants and wear them like they were intended. He would have never been arrested if he had done so. Very simple. We all have to follow LAWS and he is no different..

  3. Good for US AIR! All he had to do was pull up his pants, better yet I don’t care what the “fad or fashion” is it looks stupid. Now I wonder what he’s will say (and wear) when he goes on that job interview and is asked to explain his arrest record (yes, most companies do a criminal check and run your record before they hire you) and why he was arrested for something so silly?. Refusing to do as asked…. mmm… now that’s someone I want to hire. BTW- women have also been asked to leave planes because their skirts were too short so no one tries to play the race card here and say it’s because he’s a blacl male. .

  4. Regardless of how he was dressed, he has rights. I believe the Airlines were wrong. Sagging pants is not equal to indecent exposure, unless skin or body parts were exposed. I hope he has a good lawyer. If they uphold their position, then I propose they tell people to brush their teeth, because bad breath is offensive. Bathe before boarding the plane, because body odor is offensive. Tell women to remove the sandals and put on socks and sneakers because they are overdue for a pedicure and the look of crusty heels and cracked nail polish is indecent and offensive to the public. Refuse entry to anyone who refuses and arrest them too. Do they ask other passengers to put on more clothes because the muffin top spilling out over the jeans is offensive? Can’t be selective in what they “feel” is indecent….

  5. Thank you U.S. Airways! Someone finally has said enough of this crap. This asinine fad, style or look came from the prison system. How can any parent encourage this? Now he may lose his college scholarship over this fad? Wow, way to go. If U.S Airways is the only airlines that enforce this, I’m flying U.S Airways.

  6. I totally agree with US Airways. If this young man wants to wear his pants sagging and showing his drawers, let him charter a private plane. Personally, I don’t enjoy looking at their dirty underwear.

  7. Inappropriate attire should not just be resticted to sagging pants. I have seen disgusting short pants, sun dresses and halter style blouses that are just as bad. Somehow when suggestive clothing is worn by a black man it becomes a major prolem. IF IT IS NOT SATISFACTORY ATTIRE FOR MR. MARMAN IT SHOULD NOT BE SATISFACTORY TO ANYONE ELSE WITH UNSUITABLE CLOTHING!!!!!!

  8. It’s a damn shame when you have to tell a grown man how to dress. This isn’t a fad. It is a sickness.

    • GUYS that wear this have no RESPECT for themselfs or others around them. ITs a FAGGOTTY ass wear to dress, like someone said earlier coming from the JAILHOUSE…

  9. As an Afro Americian big ups to US Airways. I see this $%%^^ with our young black youth and it is crazy, come on will they get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vtopcat

    • Thanks Dwayne for posting this. It doesn’t change my opinion at all. I said the airlines were WRONG from the jump. The story alone indicated to me that shit wasn’t adding up. It doesn’t matter what their opinion of him or how they “feel” about his outfit. He has rights. They arrested him under suspicion of WHAT? AND if his “attire” was unacceptable, why didn’t they stop him at the security check? Shouldn’t all airline employees get the same directives?

      This video CONFIRMS they were wrong, hope somebody gets this to his lawyer ASAP (if they don’t already have it)

  10. I’ve seen this vid a couple of times, I still say US Airways did the right thing! If he decides to sue, may he loose and loose his scholarship at New Mexico. This business has a dress code and they have the right to enforce it. Way to go US Airways.. If you continue to enforce a dress code I’m a customer..

  11. We as a people are doomed. They will phase us out. Make us adopt their fads while abandoning our own. Never would I ha e imagined a law if indecency concerning an article that fully covers while lacking malicious print.

    To like or dislike is one thing, but to enforce distaste legally… as only They can.
    We are doomed.

  12. Hooray for U.S. Airlines!! It is past time for folk to stand up for what’s decent. One would think that a 20 yr. old college student would not think of walking around with his pants sagging. And you people who support this ‘ low class’ thinking, are not helping things. I am a proud Black American who will never accept low moral values. Hogwash to the pigs who do!
    Ernest D.

  13. HOORAY FOR US AIRLINES..If they have a dress code then why not just comply, to save the aggravation? I AM ALSO SICK OF LOOKING AT PEOPLES BUTTS!! If you can’t RESPECT YOURSELVES THEN HOW DO YOU THINK OTHERS WILL. Come on people what happen to decency in what we call ourselves, what we wear, can we be LEADERS AND NOT FOLLOWERS, THINK FOR OURSELVES AGAIN? Now for just a stupid choice he may ruin his future. NOW WAS THAT WORTH IT? I DON’T THINK SO…A PROUD BLACK WOMAN.

  14. This asinine dress code came from the prison system. The ‘Prison System’. Of all the low down places to reach for a fashion statement. We need to invest more in our children.. Give them high moral character and education.

  15. Like leading sheep to the slaughter. How quickly we rush to give away other peoples rights. Let’s see how you feel when the airlines don’t like your haircut, your shoes, your tattoos, your skin tone and make up rules to keep you off their airliners.

    I don’t care what he was wearing. If it were a LAW, he would’ve been detained by security and denied a boarding pass. He wouldn’t have made it ALL THE WAY to his seat if he was ‘breaking a law”

    Arrested for suspicion? Suspicion of WHAT? NO ONE has answered that question YET.

  16. I am a flight attendant and I believe the airline was completely wrong for the 3way they handled the situation. Will they begin to deny boarding to women who wear really short shorts that show the bottom of their behind or those that wear extremely low cut tops that show their breasts? If they check one, they should check all. Don’t allow this stereotypical bull to continue.

  17. I don’t see any indecent exposure accruing, I feel it’s intruding on there right to express themselves. It’s a. I think it’s a little extreme to be removed from the plain and or sent to jail. I think I will ponder on this for a bit and elaborate more on this subject later.

  18. I don’t see any indecent exposure accruing, I feel it’s intruding on there right to express themselves. It’s a. I think it’s a little extreme to be removed from the plane and or sent to jail. I’m gonna ponder on this for a bit and elaborate more on this subject later.

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