President Obama Speaks on Weiner

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

President Obama finally gives the world a piece of his mind on Anthony Weiner. Yesterday he shared with the eager-eared public that if he was Weiner he would resign. He proceeded to say:

“I think he’s embarrassed himself, he’s acknowledged that, he’s embarrassed his wife and his family….Obviously, what he did was highly inappropriate.”

Not only does Mr. President believe that Weiner should resign for personal reasons, he says that Weiner’s scandal is taking too much attention away from more important matters at hand. Specifically, Obama told the Today show audience:

“When you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you can’t serve as effectively as you need to at the time when people are worrying about jobs and their mortgages and paying the bills, then you should probably step back.”

Numerous public figures have already given their take on Weiner’s situation and what they believe he should do. However, I dare say there were a good number of people who couldn’t wait to hear what Mr. President had to say and — in addition — are not opposed to his prescribed actions for Weiner.

Ayvaunn Penn is a spoken word artist and an award winning writer completing her degree in English and philosophy. For more of her witty-word works click here. To have your original poetry featured by Ms. Penn on Your Black Poets, click here.


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