Michael B. Hancock: Denver’s Second Black Mayor

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Homelessness does not always have to mean a lifetime of destitution, and no one knows this better than the new mayor of Denver — Michael B. Hancock — who is also the second black mayor Denver. Hancock overcame the childhood poverty he endured with his mother and nine other siblings to become Denver City Council president for two terms and the youngest CEO of an Urban League chapter in the nation. His seven surviving siblings and his 72-year-old mother all pitched in to drive his campaign and take him to the next level as mayor of Denver.

Instead of keeping his past life a secret from the public, Hancock embraced it in his speeches. When he spoke on the obstacles he had to tackle growing up, one of the things he said was “We’ve come from difficult situations, we’ve faced serious challenges, but yet we’re still here.” This and many other triumphant phrases like it enabled him to connect with his voters. The support and volunteer work put in by Hancock’s family certainly paid off allowing him to beat his opponent, Chris Romer, who was initially the favorite candidate in the campaign.

Ayvaunn Penn is a spoken word artist and an award winning writer degreed in English and philosophy. For more of her witty-word works click here. To have your original poetry featured by Ms. Penn on Your Black Poets, click here.


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