Nene and Star Go at it in the Celebrity Apprentice Finale

by Ayvaunn Penn,

Tonight on The Celebrity Apprentice finale, NeNe Leakes and Star Jones have at it one last feisty time. When asked by Donald Trump whether Jones bothered her or not, Leakes unforgivingly replied, “Yes, she bothered me very much,” with almost no hesitation. Trump then turned to Jones for a response. Poised yet firm, Jones fought against the current of NeNe’s interrupting rebuttals in order to audibly answer Trump.  It was at that time that she sharply accused Leakes saying that “NeNe attacked every single black woman” who had been on the show that season. Leakes wasted not a second retorting, “Don’t try to make this a black thing.” Jones then added that she was embarrassed personally by Leakes’ demeanor on the show and that NeNe – “a piece of work” as Trump crowned Leakes – was an embarrassment to black professional women.

Leakes’ choice of language truly added color to this season of The Celebrity Apprentice, and the way she conducted herself certainly did not contribute to tearing down the stereotype that black women are loud, foul mouthed, and full of attitude. Surely not many are quick to boast pristine tongues, but surely the same many are aware of where to draw the diction line when it comes to the professional world. Based on what we saw this season, it could be deemed that Leakes’ potty mouth went too far for the business realm. Perhaps – just perhaps – Jones is right.


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