Black Expo Works to Keep Teens Out of Trouble

by Ayvaunn Penn,

Unattended teens are notorious for getting their too-cool-for-school selves into trouble, but have no fear jolly residents of Indianapolis. The Indiana Black Expo (IBE) is here! Last year during the busiest weekend of the year – Summer Celebration – there was a disturbing amount of crime. Specifically, there were three downtown shootings. Although these crimes had no relation to the official IBE events taking place, they found out that teens were being dropped off by themselves in the down town area – a recipe for, let’s say, not good things.

In an effort to keep crime rates down this year, IBE is making a special effort to keep teens involved with their events and off of the streets. Tanya Bell, CEO and president of IBE says, “We are not law enforcement. We are not parents. We are not baby sitters. (We examined) what we do have control over as it relates to reducing risks of incidents.” According to reports IBE planners say, “One of the biggest changes this year will be the setup inside the Indiana Convention Center. IBE will host all youth-related events there in an effort to keep families together in one facility.” The Indianapolis police support the new plan of action for this year.


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