Black College Students Have Too Much Twitter?

by Ayvaunn Penn,

I dare say 99.999999% of college students are out to cherish those savory four years of academia and emerging adulthood. Yearnings for good times and expanding of the mind never had a color, and I praise all the black students pursuing higher education in colleges across the country. But! According to a study conducted by Illinois’ very own Northwestern University, there appears to be a revelation about the interests of black students and students of other races. Some black students are lagging behind their other collegiate counterparts in a thirst for knowledge concerning what is going on in the world – as in REAL news and staying abreast of issues that REALLY affect society. For those willing get down with the nitty gritty research jargon, feel free to check it out here. Otherwise, I’ll sum it up and cut to the chase.

Focusing on college underclassmen, the study assesses “505 diverse young American adults about their internet uses at two points in time: 2009 and 2010.” They found, in general, that students interested in celebrity and entertainment news are more likely to be Twitter users. So, why zero in on black students? Well, there is one more thing you should know. This study also found that black students have a higher interest in celebrity and entertainment news than students of other races. We are brilliant people, so let’s put two and two together. If it was found that: 1.) people interested in celebrity and entertainment news were more likely to be Twitter users, 2.) black students have greater interest in the latter than students of other races, then 3.) it is true that black students have less interest in REAL world news than their counterparts.

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that is a vice or a virtue on behalf of black youth who fall into this category, but I will also leave you with this. Certainly there is something wrong if there are youth who know all about the latest songs by the hottest artists and nothing of the tornados and floods that terrorize their fellow humans in neighboring states or across the globe.


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