16-Year-Old Suspected of Murder at Birthday Party

by Ayvaunn Penn, YourBlackWorld.com

A Sunday night birthday bash ended in fatal gunshot wounds to the face and neck. Auburn police are currently in search of 16-year-old suspect James Anthony Mills who is described as being 5’ 4’’, 115 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. The victim was the grandson of Francisca Lopez. This 67-year-old grandmother was present when Adrian Wilson, her grandson, was shot and killed. She told reporters that the gunman fled the scene after shooting Wilson. The Medical Examiner’s report says that Wilson died from gunshot wounds to the face and neck.

According to police, two other men believed to be associated with the shooting were arrested on Sunday but released on Monday. The shooting is believed to have been the result of a fight over a girl. It is so unfortunate that this morbid tragedy interrupted a familial celebration of life. Destraught and in tears, Lopez told reporters, “These were not gangbangers. This was a family birthday party.”


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