Ayvaunn Penn: Three Black Cleveland City Council Members Recalled

Your Black World reports

Splintering racial tensions in the sticks of Cleveland, Texas are certainly at an apex while the City Council meets  to review the recall election that removed three black members.

The first match that lit this East Texas town on fire was the charging of nineteen black residents with the gang-raping of an eleven-year-old Hispanic girl. As if that were not enough, the recall led by former mayor, Stan Jones, had to ensue. Reportedly, in order for Jones and his supporters to be able to call Saturday’s recall election, they had to get an appellate court order. The latter is due to the fact that the four black members would not recognize the recall petition bearing 340 signatures – some of which they believed to be forged. In addition, they felt that the recall election was racially motivated.

To the dismay of the four black members, the recall election was granted, and it brought in over 1,000 voters which is double the usual number. According to the Houston Chronicle, the election concluded with “Barbara McIntyre, a real estate agent and six-year incumbent; Dur­lene Davis, a retired clerk who had held office for five years; and Cedric McDuffie, a policeman and one-year incumbent, [being] kicked off the council by about 58 percent of the voters.”

The last black member left on the council, Delores Terry, said, “Some people want to think this election was not based on race, but it is. It wiped my heart out to see the cruel, ugly, nasty hate.”


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