Ayvaunn Penn: Racist California Governor’s Name Removed From School

Your Black World reports

After NAACP Chapter President Rev. Amos Brown uncovered the disturbing racist history behind the name of a San Francisco preschool, he immediately alerted the community.

Peter Burnett is the name that this predominantly black school used to sport on its collar.  Burnett, the first elected civilian governor, is indeed a white man, but do not be so hasty as to think that this is just a black and white thing. Brown not only found that Burnett advocated the banning of blacks from the state, he also discovered that Burnett supported restricting Chinese immigration and terminating the lives of Native Americans. Armed with these facts, Brown addressed the superintendent saying, “We need to change the name of that school.’”

The community joined in the effort which came to a successful close last month. The Board of Education voted unanimously to change the name of the preschool to Leola M. Havard Early Education School. Havard was San Francisco’s first principal to be an African-American woman. According to The Associated Press, “on Thursday, local education officials, families and community activists gathered at the Oakdale Avenue site for a dedication ceremony honoring the 91-year-old Havard, who still lives in San Francisco.”

Pictured Above from left: Virginia Marshall, Faye Anderson, Dr. Sodonia Wilson, Jerome Havard, son of Mrs. Havard, and Mrs. Leola Havard. Far right: School Board member Kim-Shree Maufas


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