Ayvaunn Penn: Mother Sentenced to Life In Prison for Microwaving Her Baby

Your Black World reports

A 31-year-old Dayton, Ohio mother by the name of China Arnold is sentenced to life in prison without parole for microwaving her daughter to death. Barely escaping the death penalty, Arnold has

been in and out of court since 2005 concerning the death of her then 1-month-old baby. On Thursday and Friday, however, jurors deliberated for approximately six hours and made their final decision.

While the defense argued the probability that the child’s death rested in someone else’s hands, prosecutors said that Arnold put her child in the microwave oven after having a fight with her boyfriend. A medical expert reported that the infant was killed quickly once her temperature hit 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Predicting the child’s time in the microwave exceeded two minutes, the examiner said, “She died because she was overheated…She was cooked.”

This final court appearance for Arnold was her third one since her baby’s 2005 death. According to The Associated Press, “messages seeking comment were left Friday for the prosecutor and the defense attorney, but a gag order prevented anyone connected to the case from commenting outside court.”


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