Ayvaunn Penn: Guard Your Wife. Guard Your Kids. Guard Your Weave!

Your Black World reports

by Ayvaunn Penn

Thieves don’t want to pick your pocket; they want to pick your weave – but only if it’s real. Indeed this is disturbing, but it is very real: as real as the human hair they are after. Owner of My Trendy Place, Lisa Amosu, said, “I heard about [the weave-robber streak] from a couple of different supply companies and customers who said: ‘Guard your inventory. There’s a rash of this going on.’ [They]…know exactly what they want. They [don’t] even bother with the synthetic hair.” Amosu’s Houston, Texas shop fell prey to robbery and was cleaned of $150,000 worth of their most coveted human hair extensions.

After the weave thieves get their grubby hands on their human-hair prizes, they sell it anywhere they can. Apparently, according to shop owners and police, not all robbers bother with being high tech in this age of technology. Selling on the street is good enough for them so long as they get their money goods. So weavelicious ladies, the next time you are walking down the street, maybe you should not only clutch your purse but your weave, too.


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