Ayvaunn Penn: Gas is Cutting Deeper into Americans’ Pockets

Your Black World reports

According to a poll conducted by The Associated Press, four out of ten American families say that the heavy weight of gas prices will put pressure on their wallets in the next six months. Forty-one percent say the up in gas prices will cause them serious

hardship. Only twenty-nine percent say gas prices are not giving their finances any heartache. In terms of income, sixty-three percent of families with an annual household income exceeding $50,000 now say gas prices are causing financial problems. That number is a fifty-five percent increase from March’s stats.

Whereas the above numbers could be enough to make some cry, the following stats regarding America’s elders will not be any easier to swallow. Our dearest gray and white haired citizens are having an even harder time. In March, sixty-eight percent of seniors shared that they were having to cut back in other areas of their finances due to heightened gas prices. A sixty-five-year-old woman by the name of Nettie Cash shared that she has to reallocate finances she would spend on her medications to gas. She said, “It’s not easy, but you have to do what you have to do.”

Gas prices have risen ninety cents since January. This week, the national average for one gallon of regular is $3.96.


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